A well-known, international outdoor recreation products manufacturer came to us to engineer an online marketing and advertising structure for four of their best selling product categories – including their highly sought-after handheld water filtration systems.

Popular with hikers and outdoor enthusiasts, their water filtration systems last for hundreds of thousands of gallons and one filter can easily provide clean drinking water – with regular use and proper maintenance – for 10 years.

After some analysis, we found out that US, EU, and CA big box retail sales (stores like REI, Cabelas, and Walmart) account for only a portion of their profits. The owner told us the true “billion dollar opportunity” for their water filters was in water relief efforts globally. He also said they could save – and certainly improve – the lives of people worldwide; literally solving the global water crisis, one palm-sized water filter at a time.

In addition to a branding refresh and website redesign for the entire brand, they recruited us to help craft the narrative and marketing strategy for their new international water relief push.


How could they expand their reach? How can they do more to help with this cause that they truly could help solve?


A girl in rural Guatemala drinking clean water
  • Brand Identity Refresh
  • Website Redesign
  • Strategic Partnerships
  • Vision, Value, Culture Statements
  • Narrative Design
  • Social Media
  • Content Creation
  • Influencer Marketing

After being instrumental in the redesign of two new websites for their primary brand and international relief brand, we wrote all the messaging and product descriptions for a 200+ page website and e-commerce engine. Then we went to work getting the word out about their signature products and new “water relief” rollout.

We implemented SEO for the entire site and developed an advertising structure that included everything from PPC, to Display Ads and Behavioral Retargeting. We created new social media assets and developed a collaborative content calendar to keep their internal staff and our content creators on point and communicating.

We then created a multimedia press book, a charity packet, and began reaching out to influencers and ambassadors in the outdoor industry. We connected with everyone from professional surfers and climbers to major magazine editors. Our team even arranged a sponsorship with a popular national outdoor television show, to expand their reach into the vital hunting and fishing markets.


Through a website redesign for their main site and new site creation for their water relief site (in addition to SEO/SEM/and other marketing efforts), we increased monthly traffic to their website significantly – at times over tripling their traffic versus the previous year.

Through the new site and Partner Program, we were also able to help them increase their international NGO and Charity partners from just a few dozen organizations in half as many countries to a network of hundreds of new partners in hundreds of new countries.


Average increase to traffic EVERY MONTH for the first 12 Months. Many months saw increases of over 250% (Over the previous year)


Average website visitors per month – up from 30,000 the year before.


NGO Partners Worldwide.


Increase to followers on social media in 6 Months


Countries in Action


Global Water Relief Charities now enrolled in the partner program we helped.